Webhook for all meeting recordings in organization?

I’m using the recording completed webhook to copy meeting recordings to S3 and then do analysis on them. However, I’m only getting my own recordings, and I want to enable this for everyone in my organization. Is there a way to do this organization-wide? Maybe the admin has access to something I don’t? I don’t want to have to make every employee add my app individually, and I don’t want my app to be published on the marketplace for non-employees to add.

Hi @edelpriore
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What kind of application are you working with right now that you are only getting your own recordings?

I think I figured this out. It was a webhook-only application. It seems like I need to make an application and not publish it so only my org can see it - my admin can grant it to folks and everyone individually can add it… is that right?

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Thanks for sharing your findings with the community!

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