Webhook - Receive post on deleted URL

From 10.00 am , i received webhook posts in both URL (1 deleted and 1 currently)
Deleted : https://amicappdev.just.it/api
Currently: https://appapi.just.it/api---

Example JSON received

Any idea?


*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @nicola_quaglia,

Are you still seeing this issue?

Please see my reply to your post here:


Hi Tommy, I understand the problem but there seems to be no way to fix it.

In practice, in the ced@just.it account that I manage, two webhook applications seem to be connected (one of ced and one of nicola.quaglia@just.it).

The second account is always owned by me. If I go looking for the application to deactivate it, I don’t see it. How can I do?

The problem is 2nd hook “Amica Web Hook”.

Nicola Quaglia’s account marketplace. Not see WebHook app.
How can I delete this?


Hey @nicola_quaglia,

If another user on your account has set up a duplicate webhook, you would need that user to turn them off.