Stop incoming webhooks for oauth2 app

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We had an old oauth app, and now want to disable only webhook. We deleted event subscription webhook, but for each installed users, zoom still sends webhook. There is no way to stop them.

  1. does zoom snapshot app webhook url on each user install? I am not sure why deleting the current webhook url does not stop it.
  2. how can we stop webhook if we no longer have those oauth2 tokens?
  3. ultimately will deleting the app in dev console force auto uninstall for those people who already installed the app?

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Hi @tailinchu ,

In your app on the “Feature” section , is “event subscription” toggled on or off? If it is still toggled on, can you please delete your notification url, the events and then turn it off?

Thank you,

Thanks! I solved this by generating a new publishable url.


Glad to hear generating a new publishable URL solved the problem!


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