Webhooks with Bubble io

So basically I intend to use the webhooks to update dynamically the status of the meetings, but I’m using a no-code application built on Bubble io.
Bubble io allows you to use webhooks, but when I try to validate the url on the Zoom webhook app, it fails, and on Bubble, I get something like :

    "body": {
        "payload": {
            "plainToken": "5ZgOojOsRAWRCUKwYgp9bA"
        "event_ts": 1706257089264,
        "event": "endpoint.url_validation"
    "headers": {
        "host": "kolibri-84440.bubbleapps.io",
        "connection": "close",
        "accept-encoding": "gzip",
        "x-forwarded-for": ",::ffff:",
        "cf-ray": "84b752d82a492234-ORD",
        "content-length": "110",
        "x-forwarded-proto": "https,https",
        "cf-visitor": "{\"scheme\":\"https\"}",
        "authorization": "-PykXB9DSZ28l87_NFNNww",
        "x-zm-signature": "v0=41f6d2b06dd584e493c2b39f3618e254f4aa7ac66276fea68825174e86fe7e4b",
        "x-zm-request-timestamp": "1706257089",
        "content-type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
        "user-agent": "Zoom Marketplace/1.0a",
        "cf-connecting-ip": "",
        "cdn-loop": "cloudflare",
        "cf-ipcountry": "US",
        "x-forwarded-port": "443",
        "x-forwarded-host": "kolibri-84440.bubbleapps.io"

I watched a few tutorials, and most of them are in real code, which makes the event harder to realize on Bubble io (like you have to handle the case if the event is url_validation, then hash/encrypt and all), I don’t know how to do the same on Bubble io :confused:

Could someone help me please ? Thanks in advance :grin: !

Hi @madecsalmanali ,

Have you tried any suggestions from the bubble io forums? Or opened up a question there?

I am not familiar with the platform but see a few threads on using webhooks that could be helpful/transferrable to use with Zoom.

Keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Thanks @gianni.zoom for you reply and the link you shared.
So I searched on Bubble’s forum, but unfortunately no revelant responses.
About the link you shared, I don’t think it solves my problem, but I’m still looking if it could help, thanks a lot for the sharing !
Also, if my question isn’t revelant enough, feel free to say it, I’ll try to explain it better.

Hi @madecsalmanali ,

I recommend creating a post on their forum as well to see if someone familiar with webhook on Bubble.io can assist as well!