Webinar Add Panelists API: Document existence of panelist email address translation or respond with the translated email address

For the webinar panelist creation API (POST /webinars/{webinarId}/panelists), please either disclose in the documentation that the email address is subject to silent translation or mapping on Zoom’s side (including the local part of the email address), or include in the API response what the adjusted email address is so the caller can update the email address in the caller’s records.

We had a situation where we submitted a panelist email address, but Zoom silently changed the capitalization of the local part of the email address, and on future retrievals of the webinar panelists, that email address appeared differently to us, and caused additional attempts to add that panelist and excessive email message notifications to that recipient from Zoom. The documentation does not indicate that there is any kind of account mapping happening for panelist email addresses, so it is easy to mistakenly believe that the stored panelist email addresses are stored in the raw original format. RFC 5321 (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) states “The local-part of a mailbox MUST BE treated as case sensitive.”, so disclosure of any intentional deviations would be greatly appreciated.