We're creating video content for developers & general users. What do you want to see?

Hey Zoom Developers and Users,

I’m one of our Developer Advocates at Zoom and we want to start creating public video content to:

  • Help address common problems or inquiries
  • Demonstrate business and use-case examples with Zoom tech
  • Inspire developers to experiment and create with Zoom offerings

Please comment which topics you’d like to see and why.

Thanks so much for your insight and helping to cultivate a robust Zoom community :slight_smile:



hello @gianni.zoom . I would like to know about process of creating a marketplace app where we can use them in meetings. Asana and Dive can be few examples. me and my team want to build an app that can be interacted during meeting. But we couldn’t find any documentation regarding extending ui in Zoom clients. We are stuck here. A video could be great explaining process of building a marketplace app used during meetings.

Hi @rohith – this is a great suggestion; thank you for your input!

Hi @gianni.zoom
Same needs as @rohith :slight_smile:
It meets the same need that we have with our App. I posted a question about this today. I guess the team is working hard to get it ready. It will be useful to have this type of content to further integrate our App.
Users are asking us, and it would make a lot more sense, in our case I mean.
Thanks :ok_hand:

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