Access to an installed app from the marketplace

Hi there!

I may be asking a very simple question, but I don’t see any other way out.

What are the ways to access an App that is already installed?

(appyReward for Meetings in our case) Apart using the “connect with Zoom” button displayed by the partner’s site. Am I right?

By that I mean that the user can from the marketplace install the app, but if he wants to open the app again, the only thing he can do from his space is to uninstall the app but not to open it again.

Ideally, it would have been possible to access it directly from the Apps tab inside the zoom app, but this part is still reserved for beta partners.

Thanks team for your help.

Yeah @mdeamorim.

This is really frustrating waiting for ‘Zoom Apps’ type to be released for general availability. It would be great even if we got to know when it gets released. Hope zoom release it soon. There are more than thousands of developers waiting for it.

The team is doing a great job, I think as soon as it is available we will be impressed.

Hey @mdeamorim,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, are you referring to accessing an integration’s app listing, from where you would install a marketplace app? Or are you referring to accessing the actual authorization URL for an integration?

While you can always provide your users with your app’s Publishable URL to authorize the app, the other way for them to access this would be to search your app from

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question, though!



First, thank you Will for taking the time to answer my request.

I’m talking about being able to access the app (already installed).

Indeed, the user can find our app either via the marketplace or from his installed apps space (Manage), but how can he launch the application?

If I take our other integrations as an example (SurveyMonkey Typeform, MailChimp, Oracle…) but this is the case for all, once the app is installed, users can access it directly from the product page. As they already installed it, there is “Open” or “Launch” instead of “Install”.


Hey @mdeamorim,

Thanks for clarifying. It sounds like you’re referring to launch an in-meeting Zoom App, rather than a standard OAuth integration—right? Apologies for not catching this earlier.

To clarify, the ‘Apps’ tab of the Zoom Client will only display Zoom Apps (in-meeting apps) at this time. For standard OAuth Apps (most of the apps on, these can’t be accessed from the Apps tab in the Zoom Client as of right now.

However, once Zoom Apps are released for GA for developers, there will be the ability to create your own in-meeting app, which could then be accessed from this tab.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks!

Hi @will.zoom ,

Thanks for your reply. Regarding the standard OAuth integration, is there a way to start the App from the Marketplace, instead of going to the publisher site? Especially since there doesn’t seem to be a link that goes at least to the partner’s login page.

Thank you

Hey @mdeamorim,

For a standard OAuth App, you will have two options—direct from Marketplace or to provide your own landing page URL. If you select the second option, the installation will be triggered directly from the Marketplace:

Note, however, that in either instance (direct from Marketplace or your own landing page), the end user will still be directed to your specified redirect URL upon authorization.

We don’t currently support a direct “Open” style button to launch your specific integration, though this is a great suggestion for #feature-requests


Hi @will.zoom,

Thank you for your time. It should be a great suggestion for #feature-requests.
By the way, we have submitted a “Configuration URL” as an alternative to access the app and all of its features.

Thank again

Hi @mdeamorim,

Thanks for confirming. I will share this feedback with our team for future consideration as well.


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