What is app submission best practice for development/staging/production environment

We are preparing our zoom app for the submit process and I’m wondering about the best practice for development/staging/prod setup, here is what I’m thinking about and would like to know your opinions:

  1. we create two zoom apps, one for staging and development and anther one for production
  2. once feature is tested locally in development and then in staging app we move the changes to production

What would be the correct path to follow?

  1. should we submit the staging app to approval (since we want it to be fully functional in staging) and once approved we submit the production one?
  2. would the production approval be faster since we already have the identical staging one approved?
  3. would we have problem with domain verification between both apps?

thank you

Hi Ibrahim,

Can you share your LinkedIn profile? Would be glad to talk to you about this.