What's the timing to set the meeting window's position before it shows up?

I want the meeting window to show up at the location I set in advance. There’re two key points:

  1. The timing to set the location. I need to set the location after I get the window handle of the meeting window but before it shows up.

  2. How to set the location. Well, this is easy. It can be done via Windwos API.

So what’s the right timing to set the location of the meeting window, any idea?

Let me make this clearer. I’m using zoom_sdk_csharp_wrap and I want to integrate it into my WPF application. To be more precise, I want to merge zoom meeting window and my WPF window so that they look like a single window. Now I’m able to do this. The only problem is that I can’t control the location of zoom meeting window before it shows up.

now we don’t support to set the location of the meeting window before it shown in our c# wrap.

you can wrap the api of our c++ sdk, 


SDK_API SDKError RetrieveUIHooker(IUIHooker** ppUIHooker);

we provide the main window create message notification, you can change the pos when you recv this callback event.




Thanks for telling, dats. 

I thought I was going to use windows global hook in C# to solve this problem. But your solution seems easier and handier.


Marking as solved.