When I try to publish, it throws error "The given domain is invalid"

I have filled all the needed documentation to publish my app in the marketplace, but when I try to submit the app, it throws an error
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The given domain is invalid
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  • Trying to submit the filled form

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Dear Support

Any updates on this, its super urgent for this to publish on market place, need your help

here is what your API call returns
{“status”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“invalid_domain”,“tid”:“74b851abcba0a766”,“sid”:“74b851abcba0a766”,“timestamp”:1591652727801}

let know what all additional info is needed

thank you

Hey @wajooba,

It looks like you were able to submit the app! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you figured it out, but I believe the issue was the www. in front of your domain in the “Your domain address” was the issue since all your other domain listings were without the www.


Hi @tommy

Thank you, issue was there were multiple redirect urls…
Now i have changed it to just one redirect url https://any.wajoobacom, but when I try to test it out, it says Invalid Tenant URL not sure if that is the case as App is under submission


Hey @wajooba,

Can you send me a screenshot of the Invalid Tenant URL error?