Where is macOS SDK's setVideoAspect

The iOS SDK has MobileRTCVideoView.setVideoAspect which I have found tremendously useful. I cannot find anything like it in the macOS SDK. Where is it?

Hi @lucas, thanks for the post.

There is not going to be a direct equivalent of this in the macOS SDK, as the custom UI works differently for each platform. Can you please describe your use case so that I can properly advise?


I use setVideoAspect(MobileRTCVideoAspect_PanAndScan)

So I want to get the same behavior in the macOS SDK. So if I present the video view as a 4:3 aspect but the original source is 16:9 it fills to hight, but if the original is 9:16 (vertical video from a phone) it will fill to width.

Hi @lucas,

Thanks for clarifying. It does not appear that it is possible to implement the same behavior with the macOS SDK at this time due to the video width/height being unavailable. This should be coming in a future release. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.


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