Why is Hard or Frustrating to integrate Zoom Api in websites?

I have researched and searched thorough out zoom API for weeks now to integrate zoom on my website project and all I can say WHY IS IT SO HARD to integrate zoom api. No clear or any straight forward way, example to integrate zoom from ZOOM developers, even all the zoom class at GitHub or any online tutorial is not working especially PHP.

I thought integration should be simple, clear and easy for even a programmer beginner to use.

Can someone please point out a working straight zoom integration. Zoom developers should make things easy for everyone. ZOOM might be losing revenues because of this. More so, most topic here has the same issues with no direct solutions.

ZOOM is a wonderful and amazing app, I could loved to use ZOOM in my project but the whole process is really really frustrating.

Best Regards.

@igweze Hope you will be fine.

Where you are stuck with integrating Zoom WebSDK to your site?

You can watch sessions here from OAuth2.0, REST API to integrating in websites.

Let me know if you have any query still.


Alright Ahmed, will check it out. Thanks for the suggestion

Meanwhile, I have it out. its a great video but I’m not good at video learning, your GitHub link is broken.

I need a working examples.

Best Regards

@igweze are you trying to integrate the SDK (video calls / meetings) or trying to call the REST API in your php project?

Hi @igweze ,

I am with you on this. With lot of big players stopping support for webrtc by the end of December, its an opportunity for zoom to get new customers who are using php.

I am also trying to integrate the zoom meeting with php but no luck so far. Please do share if you discover anything.


@jainpdc ,

Are you trying to integrate Meeting SDK or REST API?

For Meeting SDK on PHP, you can use the javascript SDK to integrate our Web SDK