Why is the Meeting ID sometimes a string and sometimes a long?

According to the document, some API defines Meeting ID as string, but the other API defines as long.
For example, /metrics/meetings returns Meeting ID as long, and /users/{userId}/meetings as string.
Why is it not the same data type?

Hi @matsukaz, Meeting IDs should be interpreted as long, as they can be 11 digits. We’ll take a look at the documentation to make sure we’re updated. Thanks!

cc: @shrijana.g

Thank you for your reply!
It seems that not only the documentation but also the API itself are handling Meeting ID as string.
Hope it gets fixed soon, thanks. :grinning:

@matsukaz @michael.harrington Unfortunately, this is a known issue caused by design differences early on. The engineering team will be fixing it in the future, but it stands as a low priority bug. In the meantime, please convert the Meeting ID to a consistent data type while storing it in your db to avoid errors. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you,

HI @shrijana.g ,OK I understand.
I’ll handle Meeting ID as string for now.
Thank you.

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Let us know if you have additional questions @matsukaz! :slight_smile: