X509 certificate signed by unknown authority


I’m using GO lang library (GitHub - zoom-lib-golang/zoom-lib-golang: Zoom.us client library for Go (Golang)) first of all.

When I call GetUser, Zoom API does not seem to validate ssl certificate.

When I tested it on my local environment, I was using ngrok’s https tunnel and it worked without any issue. I pushed the same image to ECR, created the service via ECS, created a new end point with ssl cert created by amazon certificate manager. From that env, when the app calls GetUser method from the library, I get this error message:

x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I have set zoom api key and secret as environment variables and then set zoom.APIKey and zoom.APISecret using the env vars.

Any suggestions/recommendations to debug the issue please?

Never mind. It was a root cert missing from the container. Once installed, it’s all good.

Glad you resolved it! :slight_smile:

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