Zoom Android sdk Circle Ci failure

Building locally on our machines are working fine. The problem exists when CircleCI is trying to build and test. It fails in the Ensure Android Dependencies are Present step.

Which Client Android SDK version?

Hi @ozan, thanks for the post.

Since your project is building properly locally, this must be an issue with your CircleCI environment. Unfortunately we cannot help debug issues with CircleCI as it is not part of the SDK product.


Turns out its a issue with builds on others laptops too

Error From android studio
Failed to open zip file.
Gradle’s dependency cache may be corrupt (this sometimes occurs after a network connection timeout.)

We are using git LFS for the .aar files and we can see the file in the project when we checkout the branch.

However we cant build it.

Hi @ozan,

Can you please let me know if this issue is reproducible with the sample app? Also, what is the OS version and make/model of the machines on which this is reproducible?


I got our project working but not a fan of the Process. From what i understand… could be wrong though.

Zoom Android SDK file is way too large for Github limit. Specifically, the mobilertc.aar file is roughly 110MB. So it cant be included in the Github repro since the limit is 15MB. As well as, the app will not build without those files in the Commonlib & Mobilertc moduels too.

So using Git LFS is a requirement for this to work. Correct?

  1. If so, you need to download and install Git LFS and track the mobilertc.aar file at least.
    Then all the devs who will work on this project will need to also download and install Git LFS onto their computers, and initialize Git LFS in the local repo to build the projects.
  2. For CircleCI you also have to download, install, and initialize Git LFS for CiricleCI Yaml config file.
    Example portion of updated yaml config file
    • `commands:

  • As well as call these steps early on
    executor: android/android
    - download-git-lfs-file
    - install-git-lfs-to-ciricle-ci
    - checkout
    - ensure-gemfile-dependencies
    - ensure-android-dependencies
    - run-linter
    - gradle-stop
    - build:
    build-environment: staging
    build-type: debug
    - run-tests


Then everything will works.

  1. Question is: Is this truly the correct way to use the Android SDK? Please let me know.

  2. The documents are out of date, and mostly send you in circles looking for answers else where.

Hi @ozan,

That’s great to hear that you got things working correctly! Yes, unfortunately the SDK recently surpassed the 100MB git file size limit, so git LFS is required.

Apologies for the outdated documentation. We realize that our SDK docs are not in an ideal state and are actively working towards improving them.


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