Zoom Android SDK is sharing screen only to hosts and not other participants

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Android Meeting SDK

I am host of the meeting and I am using the actual Zoom App (Not Integrated SDK). The participants are using my app where the SDK is integrated. When a participant using the Web SDK shares his/her screen from laptop/PC, it is visible to everyone, but when a participant using the Android SDK shares screen, it is visible only to me (host/who is not using any SDK). Other participants cannot see the screen shared from the Android SDK.

Here is my code:

ZoomSDK zoomSDK = ZoomSDK.getInstance();
ZoomSDKInitParams params = new ZoomSDKInitParams();
params.jwtToken = jwtToken; //A valid JWT Token
params.domain = "zoom.us";

ZoomSDKInitializeListener zoomSDKInitializeListener = new ZoomSDKInitializeListener() {
            public void onZoomSDKInitializeResult(int i, int i1) {
                InMeetingService service = zoomSDK.getInMeetingService();
                InMeetingShareController mInMeetingShareController = service.getInMeetingShareController();
                mInMeetingShareController.addListener(new InMeetingShareController.InMeetingShareListener() {
                    public void onShareActiveUser(long l) {
                        boolean flag = mInMeetingShareController.isSharingScreen(); //I have verified that flag is true
                        if (flag) {

                    public void onSharingStatus(SharingStatus sharingStatus, long l) {


                    public void onShareUserReceivingStatus(long l) {


                    public void onShareSettingTypeChanged(ShareSettingType shareSettingType) {


            public void onZoomAuthIdentityExpired() {

        zoomSDK.initialize(context, zoomSDKInitializeListener, params);

Note: I have also tested with participants directly joining through the actual Zoom application. Even those participants cannot see the screen shared by the Android SDK user. No one, except host, can see the screen of the Android SDK user.

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