Zoom api reference website down

The api reference documentation website for Zoom has become inaccessible for some time now .
it shows error 404
Please look into it and get the website running fast.

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Seems like zoom team is working on to enhance their website.
Check this out…

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Hmm yea, hope they do it faster.

Thank you @krishks1234 and @purshotam5825.pks , we’re migrating our docs so please reference that link. I’ll also share feedback you have about enhancing the experience.

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The new documentation only seems to work consistently if I’m in Incognito mode. Otherwise, it may work once after clearing my cache, but after that it’s blank whenever I come back to any of the API documentation links.

Hi @jegner ,

Do you have any adblockers enabled on your browser? We noticed that has an impact at this time and we’re working to fix it.

Thank you,

@gianni.zoom Yeah, I do have uBlock Origin, so that could be it. I can’t disable it to test, since it’s on by company policy, but there’s a good chance that’s it.

Try using a different browser or incognito in the mean time while we fix @jegner . Thank you!

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