Zoom API: students-teacher interactions

I am a teacher and would like to view all my students’ screen-shares in one screen (for example, while they are working on their assigned problems).
However, no student should be able to see each other’s screen share. If I (a teacher) am sharing any of my screens, students in that case should only see that screen. If I am not sharing any screens, they should not see anything.

Is it possible to use Zoom API to build that type of a functionality?

Additionally, if I choose to communicate with a specific student, I should be able to establish 1-on-1 voice and screen-sharing session between only me and that selected student. No other student should be able to hear communication between me and that selected student.

Is that possible?

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!


I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but hiding certain screen shares from others isn’t something which is supported by Zoom, and I don’t believe it’s on any of the roadmaps either.

You can however create 1-on-1 voice and screen share sessions with your students, this can be done via the Zoom API, or by using the ‘breakout rooms’ feature.



Thanks so much for helping out, @alexmayo!

That’s correct—concurrent screenshares is not currently possible, but your workaround to use a breakout room for 1:1 guidance is another great suggestion for @codergal.


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