Zoom API user accounts

  1. Is there a single API user account or can multiple exist?

  2. Can an API user account be created from any user account? For example if we want to pull all webinar data related to a specific user’s scheduled webinars, can an API user be created just to pull her related data?

Hello @freelancer.nak Please let me know if you have an answer for the question I have above. Thank you

@apaul Hope you will be fine.

Yes :point_down: if that user has user:write:admin scope.

Here are the sessions regarding → How to create Zoom User using REST API?

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@freelancer.nak Great, Thank you for that link!

So for example, if we want to pull webinar data for existing zoom user accounts that are already activated, Can each of those those users have their own API to pull up their data? Can we use different APIs for each individual activated accounts? Is there also a way to pull data for all user under one API?

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:point_up_2: Yes → /users/{userId}/webinars inside userId parameter you can pass user_id (unique guid you can watch that here how to get Zoom User by REST API) or user_email or me if you have OAuth app.


user_id as parameter → /users/sdkfjsdlfkjsdf323dskf/webinars
user_email as parameter → /users/someone@domain.com/webinars
me as parameter → /users/me/webinars

:point_up_2: Can you please explain the user data your mentioning regarding user metadata or webinars or something else?

@freelancer.nak I am referring to pulling up webinar data for all activated zoom users. I was curious if there is also a way you can pull up all activated users data using only one API or does each individual activated user get their data pulled from their own API?

Thank you for all your assistance!


Yes you can by requesting the below endpoint


:point_up_2: endpoint requires report:read:admin

OR :point_down:

/metrics/webinars?type=past&page_size=300 // remove type parameter for live OR set type=live

:point_up_2: endopoint requires dashboard_webinars:read:admin scope

Thank you for the clarification!