Zoom Apps with a Flask Back-end

Hi everyone! I’m a CS student from the University of Amsterdam and currently we’re working on a zoom app that tries to bring more engagement to Zoom! We started on this project before ZoomApps was released, so our backend is written in python-flask. I’ve managed to setup the Oauth flow and I’m able to receive the AccessToken, RefreshToken and Deeplink. The only problem is that the html templates are not being shown or rendered in de Zoom-Client. I find it strange, because the client does make a request to our back-end and our back-end is capable of decoding the incoming X-Zoom-App-Context header. Maybe someone knows what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance,
U. Buran @ UvA

Maybe your flask app needs to set the OWASP recommended headers: Zoom Developer Docs


Yes that was exactly the problem. I fixed it with using Talisman in flask. Still, thanks for the reply!

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