Zoom client printing 'fakeurl' when chatbot sends back a message with link

I am trying to use this documentation. Here is how my request looks like:
POST to v2/im/chat/messages: {

“robot_jid”: “XXXX”,
“to_jid”: “XXXX”,
“account_id”: “XXXX”,
“content”: {
“head”: {
“text”: “You need to login before I can help you.”
“body”: [
“type”: “message”,
“text”: “Login”,
“link”: “somelink”

Everything looks correct, instead of the link. The link prints like this:

<a href="fakeurl">Login</a>

Please let me know if I missed something. Somelink is a real link but the forum won’t allow me to post more than 2 links.

Hey @ps40,

Thanks for reaching out, although I was unable to reproduce this.

Which Zoom Client is this happening on (Mac, Windows, IOS, etc.)?

Also can you share the link you are trying to send (if you reply it should let you send another link), or a screenshot of the JSON with the link.


Hi @tommy,

Thanks for responding. I am on Ubuntu 18.04. Here is a screenshot of the Zoom client with the json in the request with the link.


Thanks for the details @ps40,

While I investigate further, can you try updating your Zoom Client?

Let me know if that helps!

I updated the Zoom client. See the version in synaptic package manager in the screenshot:

I also tried the windows client. The login link on the windows client works as expected. Apparently this issue is limited to the Ubuntu client.


Thank you @ps40, I was able to reproduce this.

I will have our team look at this bug and I will get back to you once it is fixed!

Many thanks for the quick response. I am able to use the Windows client for now. I would love to know if this exists on Mac also as everyone in our company uses Mac for demos.

@ps40 This bug does not happen on Mac :slight_smile: