Zoom component view disappears after page refresh

I am trying to implement zoom component view SDK along with meeting APIs in my website.
I found that whenever I refresh a page, component view is disappeared as described in the images given below -

Before refresh :

After refresh (component view is disappeared!) :

When I try to rejoin the meet, I get this error in the console.
Because of this, I have to go back to the zoom account and manually end the current meet in progress

Is there any way to avoid the disappearance of the zoom component after page refresh?
Also, Is there any way to fetch all the ongoing meetings in progress and end them using meeting APIs?

Thank you,

I too wish there was an easy solution for this, as far as I’m aware your best bet is to avoid refreshing (annoying as I’ll have to rewrite some of my code) and/or put in some logic that happens when the window is refreshed (leaving the meeting, rejoining perhaps)

Hey @sebas thanks for the reply! I implemented my own logic to rejoin the meeting after a page refresh, it works.

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