Zoom Contat Center API authentication | Updating variables

I am attempting to set up a custom Slack+Zoom integration.
The goal is to update ZCC variables from Slack using / (slash) commands.

To my understanding this cannot be done directly, as the Zoom API only allows of updating variables using HTTP PATCH request and Slack will only send a POST.

To workaround this, I have set up a go-between server that will take in the POST request from Slack and send the proper PATCH to the Zoom API, however I am stuck at the authentication.
Documentation from Zoom I have found does not have any code examples for this type of use-case, and the example project for their hello world app is outdated, and appears to require human interaction to sign in.

I am in no way a experienced developer, but I feel like I have a decent understanding.

The sample I have looked at and modified for testing:

How do I authenticate with Zoom using Oath and a Zoom App using code only?
If someone has a code example that would be great.

Hi @mab , this sounds very cool. Thank you for contributing to our Zoom developer community. Initial human participation is needed to authorize Zoom API usage at this time.