Zoom Default Meeting Activity gets destroyed in background

We have integrated android Zoom Client SDK , and using default UI . Whenever we run a zoom meeting and put app in background by clicking home button , zoom activity gets destroyed and not being recreated , but other participants are still able to see the participants entry and video in gallery view . How can we overcome this issue?

Which Mobile Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Run serveral other apps available in background
  2. Start a zoom meeting
  3. Click on Home buttom and put app in background
  4. Use other apps and click on your app which run zoom meeting from apps list
  5. Instead of launching zoom meeting activity , it will app launch from spalsh screen and does not recreate zoom meeting activity at all

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Redmi Note 7
  • OS: android 10

Hi @saranyams, thanks for the post.

I have not been able to reproduce the behavior you are describing. Is this happening across multiple devices, or only when using the Redmi Note 7? Also, are you able to reproduce this in the SDK sample app?


Hi jon.lieblich,
Issue also happens with other devices Redmi Note 7 pro (Android 10) , Redmi Note 7S (Android 9) . With sample app , activity is not getting destroyed in background , but with our app zoom meeting activity is getting destroyed in background and not getting recreated again.

Hi @saranyams,

Thanks for confirming that you are not able to reproduce in the sample app. Can you please check whether or not there is a crash happening while your app is in the background? This could explain the behavior you are seeing. If there is a crash involving the SDK, please provide the stack trace.


Hi jon,

Please find the stacktrace upon activity getting destroyed. I don’t see any crash occurring.

08-24 09:24:35.237 31805 31805 D LLLLL : ZoomLectureActivity OnDestroy
08-24 09:24:35.254 31805 2528 I FRESHCHAT_SERVICE: Now Processing a
08-24 09:24:35.255 31805 31805 D LLLLL : CustomZoomMeetingActivity onDestroy
08-24 09:24:35.292 31805 2528 I FRESHCHAT_SERVICE: Now Processing a
08-24 09:24:35.331 31805 889 E libEGL : call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)
08-24 09:24:35.340 31805 31826 W JavaBinder: BinderProxy is being destroyed but the application did not call unlinkToDeath to unlink all of its death recipients beforehand. Releasing leaked death recipient: com.google.android.play.core.internal.ai
08-24 09:24:35.353 31805 2528 I FRESHCHAT_SERVICE: Now Processing a
08-24 09:24:35.368 31805 31805 W ActivityThread: SCHED: com.next.nlp/.landing.SplashActivity [73, r=283ms, a=102ms, w=4806ms]
08-24 09:24:35.368 31805 31805 I FIAM.Display: Unbinding from activity: landing.SplashActivity
08-24 09:24:35.368 31805 31805 I FIAM.Headless: Removing display event component
08-24 09:24:35.374 31805 31951 V FA : Recording user engagement, ms: 4809
08-24 09:24:35.379 31805 31951 V FA : Activity paused, time: 38872191
08-24 09:24:35.396 31805 31805 D WebEngage: Processing event: page_visit_end, data: {timeSpent=7, ScreenName=com.nexteducation.teacherworkspace.livelecturetab.view.LiveLectureListFragment, productType=NLP}
08-24 09:24:35.418 31805 2528 I

Hi @saranyams,

Thanks for confirming that there is no crash when this happens. Are you seeing any callbacks from the SDK leading up to this behavior? Right now there is nothing obvious indicating that this is an issue directly with our SDK, and the lack of reproducibility in the sample app points towards this being an issue outside of the scope of the SDK.


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