Zoom Events. Bookmark

Prior to the multi-session date of the event, it would be nice if we could download a CSV file which may show which registrants bookmarked what sessions.

Or another way to look at it, if a session speaker (presenter) asked me for a list of who bookmarked their session prior to the event starting so that he/she could email them more PDF files than I’m allowed to upload for their session, I (as account admin and creator of the Zoom Event for these people) would like to be able to pull a list of registrants who took the time to bookmark a session.

Or another reason I need the data, the Zoom Masters Team Leader who recruits, trains and assigns zoom masters per session, needed a list who bookmarked. He needs to rapidly recruit, assign & train someone to help out during a session. So he wants to see the list of who bookmarked a session, so that he may recruit from those who will probably attend the session.

Could Zoom look into creating this enhancement?
Thank you.
~Ellen Ino