Zoom Iframe what src url we should use?


I want to use Iframe to embed the Zoom meeting in our website. I am wondering what src value would be? in the zoom platform it gives example like:

<iframe src="https://example.com/videosdk" allow="camera; microphone"></iframe>

But I am not sure what https://example.com/videosdk is?

I am using meeting SDK web version, it works but I do not want to use it because of responsive issue.


  1. in iframe, what src (url) value would be?
  2. How can I get url from meeting SDK web

Any thought?


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. To begin, are you looking for guidance with Meeting SDK or Video SDK? We have developer support articles for using an iFrame with SDKs:

Best practices when using the Meeting SDK in an iFrame

Best practices when using the Video SDK in an iFrame

@donte.zoom Thank you for your replay. I am working on Meeting SDK web, not video SDK,

I implemented the meeting SDK in the web and it works, but I want to use Iframe, how can I get url from Meeting SDK to set a value for src in Iframe?

I implemented the meeting SDK in the web and it works

this is the url you need for the iframe ‘src’ of the your website

@j.schoenemeyer Which url you are referring to?

I implemented the meeting SDK in the web

the url of this html with the meeting SDK

the easiest solution would be - copy your html with your SDK solution to your website webserver → this is then your url for the <iframe src="… "

Hello! To embed a Zoom meeting in your website using an iframe, you’ll need to use the Zoom Web Client URL for the meeting you want to embed. Here’s how you can get the URL:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and schedule the meeting you want to embed.
  2. Once you have scheduled the meeting, click on “Copy the Invitation” and you will get a pop-up box with the meeting details.
  3. The URL for the Zoom meeting will be listed under “Join Zoom Meeting.”
  4. Copy this URL and use it as the src attribute for the iframe element in your website.

Here’s an example of how the iframe code would look:

<iframe src="https://zoom.us/j/meetingID" allow="camera; microphone"></iframe>

Replace “meetingID” in the src attribute with the actual meeting ID that you copied from the Zoom invitation.

I hope this helps , If you have any further questions, please let me know.

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