Zoom integration in react.js page blank issue

Hi there i am having trouble on setting up zoom on a page with react. I cannot understand what is the problem, i have installed @zoomus/websdk and jquery and I did all in the app component to try it out but when i do npm start the page opened is blank. Here is the screenshot of all the code i used. The APIkey and secret i put an x just for showing the screenshot.

Hey @arkanoidmark96,

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Hey thank you for your reply. i actually abandoned the zoom integration as its been 3 whole days getting this thing to work but it never did and im passing on other options. I have downloaded all from Github and read documentation but nothing is complete and helpful enough… i had to take information from one piece and then from other parts, some video but at the end what i got is not working for react at least… by downloading the project sample it does though but it not in react, i do not want to use html… now i have all up to date regarding version of node, react, npm etcs… i have a node js server as backend and i wanted to integrate zoom with react in my frontend… the code in all in the screenshot. Is there something i had missing in the code? Html is something i do not want to touch… do i need to render elements? It seems to be a pain job to just implement something that ca be simpler…

Hey @arkanoidmark96,

Have you followed the install guide for single page apps like React?


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