Zoom linux sdk error

Hello, I’m trying to build a headless meeting bot as shown in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SitD9mTXlA
but it is showing this

:heavy_check_mark: Container zoomsdk-build Created 0.0s
Attaching to zoomsdk-build
zoomsdk-build | [100%] Built target zoomsdk
zoomsdk-build | --client-id is required
zoomsdk-build | Run with --help for more information.
zoomsdk-build | failed to read configuration
zoomsdk-build | :x: failed to configure with status 15
zoomsdk-build | exiting…
zoomsdk-build exited with code 15

Although I’ve added my credentials in the config.ini file and I’ve followed all the steps as mentioned in

To recreate the error just follow all the steps as shown in the above mentioned youtube tutorial and run your docker after entering the details in a windows/mac OS

@ad920024.loveshdutta ,

Could you share a screenshot of your meeting SDK / unified build flow app page on marketplace.zoom.us?