Zoom Marketo App Security advisory


I am looking at this Zoom marketplace app for Marketo, it is created by ZOOM: App Marketplace

At the top of the overview I see the following security advisory:
" Zoom Security Advisory: While Zoom cannot enforce the use of TLS 1.2 in the Marketo webinar registration pages, we do NOT endorse the use of insecure protocols for acquiring private webinar attendee information. Zoom strongly recommends using TLS 1.2. Please reach out to Marketo to get more information on securing your landing page."

I am confused as to how zoom knows that the Marketo webinar registration pages do not use TLS 1.2,
I am also unsure about why zoom does not fix this?

Is this Zoom app safe to use or should I avoid it? I have never seen a zoom security advisory like this before.

Hi @ma1, the best place for questions about using Marketplace Apps is likely the Zoom Community’s category about the Marketplace - Marketplace - Zoom Community

From what I understand, this is guidance we are acknowledging about the Marketo app, which has a Zoom integration. We do support and encourage the use of the Marketo integration to send Zoom registration information; however, acknowledge there may be recommendations on the use of registration pages within Marketo.

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