Zoom meeting sdk in react web app

I am currently working on integrating the Zoom Meeting SDK into my React web app, and I’ve encountered some issues specifically when running the app in a mobile view. In the desktop web view, everything works perfectly, but in the mobile view, I’ve come across two main problems:

  1. Screen Sharing: The screen sharing feature is not available in the mobile view. Is there a way to enable screen sharing functionality for mobile users as well? It’s a critical feature for my app, and I’d like to make it accessible to all users regardless of their device.
  2. Update Chrome Browser Dialog: When users access my React web app on a mobile device, they encounter a “Update Chrome browser” dialog. The dialog message says “Update your browser to the latest version of Chrome to use Share Screen feature”. This can be confusing and disrupts the user experience. Is there a recommended way to handle or prevent this dialog from appearing?

I’ve thoroughly tested my app, and these issues only seem to arise when the app is viewed in a mobile layout. In the desktop web view, everything functions as expected.

I am using zoom web sdk version 2.14.0, react version 17.0.1.

@reachbhakhand ,

Viewing screenshare on mobile browser is support, sending screenshare on mobile browser is not supported. This might change in future, but it is dependent on iOS and Android

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