Zoom meeting updating poll questions/answers


I haven’t found this functionality - but perhaps I just haven’t looked hard enough yet:

Our zoom meetings are scheduled using outlook plugin. 

The ability to add polls to a meeting - with questions and answers is inefficient, through the existing zoom webtools.

I am looking for a way to attach/post polls with questions ans answers to the meeting through the API.  Since many meetings will re-use the same sets of questions it will be much faster to simply rerun a script that will update meetings after creation.

I’m not seeing any type of import option in the existing web tool.  I’m also not seeing any ability to update an existing meeting with the API, in order to add polling Q&A to it.

appreciate any insight if this functionality exists, but I’m just missing it.


Hi Ray, 

Currently our API does not have a capability to add polling A&T to meetings. If we receive more request on this our Engineers can prioritize this feature in a future release.