Zoom-oauth-sample-app-master failed to get code

Hi I followed the instruction listed in zoom-oauth-sample-app-master, i.e. updated config.js with valid clientID, clientSecret and redirectUrl (Please note that I only have one set of clientID and clientSecret in the created OAuth application)
After execute

node index.js

Then type in browser: ‘localhost:3000’
It redirects to redirectUrl with code=xxxx, such as
The code returned can be used to get access token later if and only if I am currently logging in to zoom.

Quite sure that this line
if (req.query.code)
return false.

If I am not currently logging in zoom now, I got “You cannot authorize the app” error.

Can some one please tell me how to make this sample code works?

Hey @li-jie.yin,

Can you show a full screenshot of the “You cannot authorize the app” error?

I think it is related to your user permissions.