Zoom Recordings: Setting an expiration time of 1 session or a unique url that cannot be shared

Is there a way using Zoom (or another platform) to have a user be able to only view a recording once? Or make it so that the URL is only accessible to them? Also, can I include a downloadable item, such as a PowerPoint file on that page?

I did see that Zoom On-Demand is an option for recorded cloud videos. But are the only expiration options a date range?

thank you

Hi @annahernandez476,

As far as I am aware, the only option that you can set is the recording password. This allows you to protect a recording with a configurable password, so only those with the correct password can view it. You could always change the password after a few days if you don’t want the person with the link to have access anymore.

You aren’t able to include any other downloadable files on that page, just the recordings and chat files provided by Zoom.


Hey @annahernandez476 ,

For more info on Cloud Recording settings and functionality, please contact support.zoom.us.

Appreciate your input here @alexmayo ! :slight_smile:


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