Zoom recordings with a specific user

Is there a way to share all recordings with a specific user within the organization?

Haven’t found a way to do this yet.

Which Client Web SDK version?
web interface / app

To Reproduce(If applicable)


Device (please complete the following information):
Ideally web interface, any device would help

Additional context
Trying to set up a way for users to share all recordings with specific other users within the organization as default.
Use case:
User 1 records customer calls
User 2 frequently needs access to these recordings
User 1 might not always be available to share (time zones, sick, not responsive)
No restrictions (User 2 will be able to see all recordings in User1’s library)

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Hey @elinamark0155,

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Unfortunately this forum is for SDK questions only. However the people over at Zoom Help Center should be able to help out :slight_smile: