Zoom Rooms Controller url schema


Hi all.
As I know there is a topic with Zoom URL schemes https://developer.zoom.us/article/zoom-url-schemes/
But I need a way to start/switch to Zoom Rooms Controller from my ios app.
Could you please me give it?


Hi Raz1988,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you referring to our Zoom Room product?(https://zoom.us/zoomrooms) Our SDK does not support Zoom Room. If you would like to start meeting from Zoom URL directly, unfortunately, it is not possible at this point. Starting a meeting directly via URL is expected to be available in the next release. Please follow our Github repo and get the latest update.

Thank you!


Yes, it’s all about Zoom Room.
I’m looking for URL schema which I can use to start/open Zoom Room IOS app from my own app.
For example: “tel:” to start phone call, “sms:” to start sms, “zoomus:” to start zoom (not zoom room) etc.