Zoom rooms meeting controls API Endpoint

We’ve been looking for the API endpoints to control the active settings of a meeting (like the ones you see on a Zoom Rooms Controller) but can’t seem to find these.

I’m specifically looking for the function to switch camera’s (main) so we can switch between mltiple camera’s in the room to offer the best “active speaker” image.

If this can not be done in the API endpoints but has to be done in one of the SDK’s that information would be very appreciated as well.

Hey @Jakob ,

You’re best option for achieving ‘active speaker’ view would be the Meeting SDK Client View. This will automatically enable switch cameras based on active user when you’re in a created meeting. Please let me know if you have any more questions!


Hey thank you for the reply I didn’t see it right away.

So there is no way to control the “main” camera in a zoom rooms setup automatically? I’ve been looking at most of the API’s and their options and it seems like it used to be possible with using the Zoomrooms controller apps (UWP) but that seems to be deprecated since March this year.