Zoom SDK doesn't work with Proguard Enabled

Zoom SDK for Android doesn’t work with Proguard Enabled.

I added these rules in proguard-rules.pro:
-keep class us.zoom.{*;}
-keep class com.zipow.
-keep class us.zipow.**{
-keep class org.webrtc.{*;}
-keep class us.google.protobuf.

But it still doesn’t work. Works fine with proguard disabled.

Hi @ayusch.jain please use sample proguard file “proguard.cfg”

-keep class us.zoom. ** {* ;}
-keep class com.zipow. ** {* ;}
-keep class us.zipow. ** {* ;}
-keep class org.webrtc. ** { * ; }
-keep class us.google.protobuf. ** { * ; }
-keep class com.google.crypto.tink. ** { * ;}
-keep class androidx.security.crypto.**{* ;}


Do I add these rules to proguard-rules.pro or create a new file ?

Hi @ayusch.jain,

These rules can be added to your proguard file. Can you please provide additional information regarding what errors your are experiencing with proguard? Are these issues reproducible in our sample app?