Zoom sdk styling issue

I have implemented zoom sdk client view in my react project. There is a styling issue occured when i finished the sdk implementation. its affecting my basic styles in the app.scss. So i searched for related issue topics in here and i find a solution for that… its because of the zoom sdk 's style tags in the index.html. so i changed that and added by react-helmet. but the issue not completely gone…

i am using web sdk version 2.9.5
image (3)|690x331

you can see the current issue in the image

Welcome, @subin,

Thank you for posting Zoom Developer Forum. ! To begin, can you provide more information about the solution you implemented and how it worked? Are you using IFrame in your implementation? Can you specify which Zoom SDKs and style tags in the index.html you are referring to? Any additional details you can provide will help diagnose what may be going on.

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