Zoom SDK types missing the getMeetingView

Zoom Apps Configuration
@zoom/appssdk package from npm

The getMeetingView method documented here is a zoomSdk.getMeetingView() call

However the TypeScript package doesn’t have this as a valid method. Similarly calling zoomSdk.config does not list this as a valid option in the capabilities.

The method doesn’t exist in the typescript SDK as documented.

How To Reproduce
Use the Zoom apps TypeScript SDK and attempt to access the method.

Why this matters: I am trying to detect the screen-share status when the Zoom App is opened. I couldn’t see a way to do this (I can subscribe to events when it changes but not see the initial state) - and I am hoping that this method might help with this.

What version of the SDK are you using? Are you using NPM or the CDN to import the SDK?

It seems to be present now… so maybe it was missing and was added? Either way we can close this. Thanks.