Zoom Server IP address(es) for a participant using QoS API

The current QoS Dashboard QoS API /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants/{participantId}/qos, provides good metrics on video, audio inbound/outbound and provides the participant endpoint IP address, but does not provide the IP address for zoom service endpoints where these metrics where derived from.This will be important to know if QoS issues are tied to particular server IP or subnet range across users, right now the QoS does not provide the destination context.

Similar to how API returns the following ip_address field for participant, would be great if you also return the service_ip_address(es) the participant endpoint is connected to during a meeting for audio and/or video.

This would be similar to how Microsoft Teams Call Quality Graph API provides here:

Where the media server IP and port is provided:

relayIPAddress String IP address of the media relay server allocated by the media endpoint.
relayPort Network port number allocated on the media relay server by the media endpoint.

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