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How can I get past restrictions of using mobile data? My client provided me with about 10gb of data plan but can only access Zoom and the client website deskFlex and I want to use it everywhere online.

Facing the same problem. I have access but unable to join the class. Even the internet is so fast. If you find a solution kindly share it with me.https://allbestmachete.com/best-kukri-machete/

Facing the same problem for the last few days.

I Have the Same Question In My Mind, I Hope Soon Zoom Introduce The Community Forum For User,
~ Alex Smith

Feature request:

Filter participant list by:microphone and video status (mic muted/unmuted, video enabled/disabled).

To control noise interruptions by making it faster to narrow down where the noise is coming from.

Same with video, to control dress code during certain situations.

There is something very worrying that I discovered about screenshots being taken during most of our Zoom meetings without us initiating the screen shots.

I keep finding screen shots in Zoom’s folder (My Documents) from most meetings and I find this very disturbing because my children use Zoom for their online classes.

Can this feature be disabled somehow and why are these screenshots there in the first place?


Bonjours à tous !
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Zoom is a great platform to stay in touch with my team while traveling, but having issues lately going live with LTE network. I haven’t change the device or network provider but the live session reconnects multiple times.

Zoom is one of the famous and great places I just recently hear from randomapk about the zoom and I love it…