Zoom user community

Does Zoom have any plans to introduce Zoom user community forum?
Need something similar to https://devforum.zoom.us/



Thank you for suggesting this feature. I will forward the request to the concerned team so that they can consider adding these features to our future releases.



Hi, I am not a developer but a power user on virtual events and webinars. I love the idea of a user community moderated by Zoom. I am an active contributor to the LogMeIn GoTo community. It is a great resource. Please consider it.

Sharyn Fitzpatrick
Webinar Chick


Hey @WebinarChick,

We actually discussed this in a meeting today. We will most likely have this in the near future.



I had the same question in mind thanks for asking.

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I have paid account pro with zoom. They have written to me that payment is received and processed, Yet it is shown as free acount. I have written several emails no response. Is this an issue developement bug… THis is ridiculous

What would be the ETA for the user community? I would say its about time for Zoom to have that. Thanks,

I think the trick is to know your account rep. Otherwise it will be impossible to track the issue.

the account is known to only paid people but in invoice account no is 3003605972 there is invoice but still it is considered as free .No one tried to check this

its an amazing idea of introducing special forums for users to help people.

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I had Face issue to take my online class. I don’t Join the online class while I attempt many times.

hello, just here to find someone to talk to to find out some answer hoping someone can help me out, ive heard rumors of teachers being able to see the students screens through zoom which seems like a major invasion of privacy, is this true?

I also really hope that a feature requests forum for the community will be introduced soon.

I’m not a developer but I use Zoom all of the time. There are some features that I think will make my experience much more productive and creative if added.

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So I need help, why does my zoom keep saying, “Unable to chat with everyon during this meeting?”

Hello! I need help. Why does my Zoom keep saying, “Unable to chat with everyon during this meeting?”

Why does zoom have audio syncing to lips when using a 2 camera setup?

I came here looking for a user community.
It would be very helpful to have a forum where customers can engage with one another and from time to time with product managers & development.

Thank you.

i have a problem that you people have to rectify
see parallel zoom meeting is not available right at least not in basic account but there is a loop hole
so all you have to do is when you’re in a zoom meeting you can end the task of the zoom ui interface like the main lobby where you join and stuff don’t end task of the meeting your in that not the meeting and restart the ui it does’ t know there is a ongoing meeting and you can start another meeting
only thing you just have to be in someone’s meeting first then after restarting you can start your own so technically you r doing parallel meetings with no problems so please do somethin about it if you people want :grinning:

I Have the Same Question In My Mind, I Hope Soon Zoom Introduce The Community Forum For User,
~ Alex Smith

Feature request:

Filter participant list by:microphone and video status (mic muted/unmuted, video enabled/disabled).

To control noise interruptions by making it faster to narrow down where the noise is coming from.

Same with video, to control dress code during certain situations.