Zoom web sdk component view with next js 12.1.6 is not working

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meeting sdk type component view, sdk version 2.9.7, and next js version 12.1.6

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I tried to implemnet zoom web sdk with my next js project. First i tried client view but some button is not working like that meeting end button , mike option button etc.
After that I tried to implement component view with same version but this is not working while in next js latest version component view is working fine.

I can not update project version due to some reason.
please provide a solution with next js 12.1.6.

no error message is see in console. i tried to debugging but the code is not execute after init function.

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@mohan.singh hope you will be fine.

Here are the sessions regarding WebSDK Integrations

@freelancer.nak thank you so much for reply

I already seen your videos and check in dommy project, the component view is working but client view is not working in nextJs latest version and old version (12.1.6) . some button is not work like close button, mike option button, gallary view button etc.

My project based on nextJs 12.1 where the component view is not work while this worke with latest version 13. I can not update my project version due to some other librarys.
please provide any solution for nextJS 12.1.6 …


I had the same problem with Next.js 12.2.4 but now the toolbar is also gone and I cant find why

@developer16 Hope you will be fine here is the session → NextJS - Zoom WebSDK Component View

Here is the NextJS version used with the above session :point_down: