Zoom web sdk integration is not working

Thanks for all help, I did some steps to finish my problems but its still not working properly, I think that the problem is that Call from Zoom isnt showing in

<div id="zmmtg-root" />

component and rest of screen is black when call should be started. I will try to go through all steps again and maybe I would be succesfull. In every possible way thanks for you help and time:)

EDIT:I can see 2

<div id="zmmtg-root" />

components in browser debugger.

Hey @hrondor,
There are 2 div zmmtg-root cause one is loaded by zoom web sdk and other one is coming from your render method, you don’t need to add div zmmtg-root explicitly.

Yes, so I can probably manipulate only by CSS attributes and dont add

explicitly, I hope this solve my problem. Thank you for your help and have a nice weekend!:slight_smile:

Yeah, try after removing that. Though it worked for me with that also.

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Thanks for contributing to the Zoom developer community @taushifali! :slight_smile:

@hrondor, let me know if you have any additional questions! :slight_smile:


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