Zoom Webinar URL Scheme?

I see there are URL schemes for Meetings - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/guides/client-url-schemes

Is there a similar scheme for Webinars? Specifically, is there an email variable? I could use uel to send user email to the web browser, before it was made log-in only. Is there a similar variable to pass email to Webinars for the Zoom client?

So far this all works for Webinars. I’m just lacking an email variable.

zoommtg://zoom.us/join?confno=123456789&pwd=aE1VOUtEQTI1M1p5VlIySEdjRXlOZz09&uname=George&user email = @.com

Hey @cholscher,

I do not believe there is a webinar email url param.