ZoomMtgEmbedded is overwriting my CSS, solution?

Hi, i’m using ZoomMtgEmbedded from "@zoomus/websdk/embedded" package.

The problem is that when I join a meeting with this, the CSS of my website behind the zoom window becomes kinda broken and ugly probably because ZoomMtgEmbedded is overwriting the CSS of my entire website, is there a way know every styles it’s overwriting ? So I can reoverwrite everything needed with !important in my CSS file

If there are easier solution for this problem rather than overwriting everything, I’ll take it
I’m using MUI for my website by the way and I guess ZoomMtgEmbedded is using this too by looking at the html generated. If it’s the case, is there a way isolate them ?
Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Device :

  • Device: Lenovo
  • OS: Fedora 33
  • Browser: Chrome
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Hey there,
I was about to say the same. I also facing the same problem with my Zoom meeting overwriting CSS is embedded. I have lost my important topic. Need help regarding this, how can I join my important meeting. Check


Someone has a solution ?

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Someone has a solution? this is urgent for us.

End The Erra :frowning: