ZoomRooms signage API

Hi all,
We are using Zoom Rooms Digital Signage. And we would like to display a particular signage at specified date and time. Now, we have to change the signage manually depending on the date and time.

Can we use the API to display a specific signage at a specified time?
Or can we use the API to display a specific signage in an instant?
Now we would like to know if there is any apis support it.

Notes: we have set the URL to ZoomRooms signage.

Any help is appreciated!


Hi @kobayashi, at this time we’re not able to offer API support to change Zoom Rooms Digital Signage. All signage needs to be updated manually, and is displayed on a loop of available content.

I’ll add this into our queue of feature requests - thanks for bring this up. Let us know if we can be helpful or if you have other questions relating to the Zoom Rooms API.

Hi @michael.harrington
Thank you for your reply.
I understand that the API is not currently supported.
Also, thank you for adding to the futere requests.
I hope that the functionality of this API will be realized as soon as possible.