1.8.5 Breakout Room Behaviour


Just updated an application to 1.8.5 and I’m experiencing strange behaviour with the new breakout rooms feature.

It seems that, for the most part, if a user joins the meeting via the Web SDK after a breakout room has been opened, they don’t enter the breakout room when the host (desktop app) assigns them.

However, I’ve also seen this behaviour happen when a breakout room is created after a client joins.

Anyone else experienced something similar?



The host (desktop client) sees ‘[user] (not joined)’ in the breakout rooms popup

The user has a blank screen, and doesn’t see or hear anything (see screenshot)

Which version?

Web SDK 1.8.5

To Reproduce(If applicable)

Example 1

  1. Host starts meeting (desktop client)
  2. Host creates breakout room
  3. Client joins meeting (web SDK)
  4. Host assigns client to breakout room
  5. Issue happens - no errors shown, only blank screen for client

Example 2

  1. Host starts meeting (desktop client)
  2. Client joins meeting (web SDK)
  3. Host creates breakout room
  4. Host assigns client to breakout room
  5. Client successfully joins breakout room, most of the time (otherwise blank screen as above)


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: PC/MacBook
  • OS: Windows 10/MacOS Mojave
  • Version: Windows 10 2004
  • Browser: Chrome 87.0.4280.88 (Windows)

Additional context

Hey @faulder,

Thanks for reporting this! Can you confirm if it is the same issue mentioned here:



I’m experiencing the same issue as @faulder with the SDK 1.8.5 and breakout rooms.

Breakout Session works, if the Client joins the meeting as a “Host”
Breakout Session does not work if the Client only “Join” → no errors shown but a blank screen appears. (Same issue as reported by @faulder)

Hey @alexander.brotzge ,

We are releasing a bug fix for breakout rooms in 1.8.6, scheduled for this weekend. Details here:


Hello, I cannot open a breakout room even when im the administrator. Can help?

Hey @nikki159_best ,

Please create a new topic and fill out the post template so we have enough details to help! :slight_smile:


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