401 Unauthorized error if the API that calls Zoom is hosted in Azure

I have a Node.js API that connects to the Zoom API to get some recordings and then sends those recordings into a Salesforce database.

If I run my API locally and call it from Postman, everything works fine and the files are saved successfully.

But if I deploy my API into an Azure app service to a production environment, the Zoom API call inside my API returns error “Request failed with status code 401”.

I understand there could be a restriction issue because I’m trying to access the Zoom API from a third party service.
Is there a way I could exempt my Logic App from getting 401 error?

Hi @ltechera ,

I am unfamiliar with this workflow, but could this help? https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/15053773250573-Migrating-the-Zoom-app-in-Azure-to-OAuth