64bit Windows client SDK?

I’m interested in adding Zoom support to an existing Windows desktop application. However, that seem to be blocked by the Windows client SDK being 32bit-only whereas my application is 64bit.

Are there any plans for extending the Windows client SDK to also support 64bit applications?

Hi @fredrik.orderud,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. This is being planned but the client SDK has dependencies on the Zoom client on the 64-bit support. So SDK is not able to provide the 64-bit version before the Zoom client offers the 64-bit version.

Please visit https://zoom.us/feed to submit an enhancement request to the Zoom client.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Have you considered packaging the Zoom client SDK as an COM/OLE control, so that it can run in a separate process from the host application?

If doing so, then you would enable integrating of the (still) 32bit Zoom SDK also into 64bit host applications.

The Windows 64bit Zoom Client is available since a few months. Are there any plans to provide a 64bit SDK soon, because it’s needed urgently.

Hey, can you share more information about it. then will be able to share my views on it.
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Hey @Weisheit,

This is still on the roadmap, but we do not yet have a timeline of release.


Hi @Michael_Condon & @carson.zoom, do you have anything to share regarding 64-bit and debug mode support in the Windows SDK and C# wrapper? I see that the latest available builds have x64 versions but I’ve been unable to get them working so far. Is there any documentation available for the x64 versions?


Hey @t.barry-woods,

The C# wrapper is not actively maintained by Zoom, so we do not provide Developer Support. Running the x64 version of the SDK natively should be the same steps as running the x86 version.


Hi @Michael_Condon

I am also in need of a x64 version of the SDK and am unable to get the project in the x64 folder of the current SDK running.
The documentation still mentions that

Solution Platform x64 are not supported at the moment.

Is that still the case or should the x64 folder in the SDK work?